Tuition, Billing & Managing Your Studio... PrimeTime takes care of that. Now focus on what matters - Your students

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$39/Month No Gimmicks, No Hidden Fee's.

Free Mobile Version

Our service includes FREE Mobile access. Our competitors charge you for mobile usage.

On-Demand Scheduling

Dance Software that never sleeps. Your parents can book your studios classes at any time.

Safe Payments

Your parents financial data is securely stored offsite for Tuition payments, Private Classes and online Studio Store Purchases.


Emails & SMS Text alerts

Email notifications of classes, Night before reminder emails. Studio Wide email blasts and SMS/Texting are all INCLUDED.

Attendance & Notes

Your teachers can quickly take attendance, add notes into student accounts. You can run reports and email straight to parents.

No Tiered Pricing or Costs

Our competitors punish you for being successful, they charge you more when your student count goes up. NOT WITH US. 10 students or 10,000 - still the same low monthly fee.


Recital Management

Our "Recital Builder System" does it all: Recital Dates & Times, music, performers, Costume & Measurement management as well as Vendor management.


Enrollments done Easily

An Enrollment system that handles discounts, registration fee's, age range, class size and much more. It does everything for you... except teach your classes.


Store: Open for Business

Your very own on-line store. Track sales, manage inventory while increasing your profits & providing convenience to your parents to order & pickup in the studio.


With PrimeTime Dance Studio Software, I now have the ability to set my schedule quickly and have my staff set theirs as well. No more wasted time with back and forth communication. My clients are so impressed with the Dance Studio Software and I have increased revenue because of it. Happy teachers, happy parents, and one VERY happy studio owner!   Thank you, PrimeTime Dance!"

Owner, Breaking Ground Dance Center


Weekly Classes

Choreography Times

Extra Rehearsals

Private Lessons

Special Events

Birthday Parties

Summer Camps

Master Classes

Parent Meetings


Weekly Classes

The reoccurring capability makes scheduling weekly classes fast and easy. If any changes or updates are required, they can be made with one simple step. Those impacted by the change would then be automatically notified, enabling teachers, parents and students to stay informed.

Birthday Parties

Increase studio enrollment through online party bookings. Birthday parties are a fun and relevant way to increase awareness and reach amongst your target audience. Parties can be booked and managed through PrimeTime Dance, providing your studio with access to potential new clients who RSVP via the site.

Special Events

You can eliminate the logistical complexity associated with yearly and one-time only events with PrimeTime Dance Studio Software. Events such as registration, auditions, open house, picture day, ticket day and seasonal parties can be easily organized and simply managed.

Summer Camps

Summer is a great time to generate incremental revenue for your studio. We recognize each studio’s approach to summer is unique. A key functionality of PrimeTime's Dance Studio Software is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you have an existing summer program or if you’re looking to establish one, we can help you schedule it.

Client Meetings

PT Scheduler offers the ability to add office hours to your calendar, for employee, parent or client meetings. Online booking of individual or group meetings has never been simpler, improving access as well as communications.

Private Lessons

Opportunity exists to increase revenues by maximizing studio time. Private lessons are a great way to leverage studio downtime to help students improve their technique and performance. For a studio, the process of manually scheduling private lessons can be a daunting task which often results in multiple bookings or missed appointments. With an online booking process, private lessons can be scheduled seamlessly without the assistance of office staff. The automation process minimizes booking errors and makes the most efficient use of your studio and your staff.

Keep Everybody In The Loop

connecting your studio community


“PrimeTime's super easy Parent Portal is easy to navigate and use. As a full time working parent and mother of two daughters, I appreciate the ease of going on-line to register my daughters for their classes as well as to schedule meetings with their dance teachers. I also like that it provides me with a listing of all upcoming classes for each child and sends me email reminders. It helps me to stay on top of their busy schedules as well as mine.”

Marisol Tamaro

Simplicity & Power Together

Using our service allows you the ability to focus on areas that help grow your business while leaving the management to us. Your Parent Portal gives your famailies the ability to manage their students, do On-line registrations and enrollments, make billing payments and receive email alerts, reminders and text alerts.

Best Dance Studio Software | 2018 Industry Leading Service

Manage your business the easier & more affordable way.




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